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From start-up to a successfully running company, we enable your growth through our legal expertise on matters of funding and investments, contracts, settlement and litigation, employment issues, and tax strategy.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Top Legal Experts

Top Legal Experts

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing


Meeting Legal Needs

Implementing Best Legal Practices

Starting and running a business requires legal knowledge of how best to maximize profits under current laws and regulations. You need airtight contracts and expert negotiations with clients and insiders alike. Running a business involves raising capital and handling employment decisions. You need to know when to settle a disagreement versus taking someone to court. 

From start-up to successfully running company, we enable your growth through our legal expertise on matters of funding and investments, contracts, settlement and litigation, employment issues, and tax strategy.

You don’t have to face these issues on your own. From raising seed money to taking care of daily business, let our experienced legal team guide you through everything related to your growth and watch how your vision comes to life.

Never worry about what is happening. Stay on top of the legal side of things with our state of the art client portal available 24/7.

Business Lawyers Save You Money

Preventing Loss From the Start

Bring us on as your business lawyer before you need legal help for litigation. We help prevent the loss of funds right from the beginning by providing legal care for every aspect of your business.

From formal business incorporation to negotiations, we are here to limit your losses. We prevent lawsuits and negligent liability with legal contracts and settlement options so that you keep growing. Our tax advice and employment advice keep you from incurring losses at every turn.

As a business owner, you can continue building your business if the bottom line remains steady. With a legal expert on your side, it is possible to limit your liability by choosing the best type of business formation, implementing well thought out legal contracts, considering tax shelters, and making careful employment decisions.

Once you are up and running with a solid foundation, we expertly handle any acquisitions and mergers. Our goal is to consider shareholders while continually aiming for growth in every policy we help you implement.

A business lawyer is not a luxury but a necessity for a growing business. Start your company with the best decisions and continue down a path of growth with our expertise.

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Startups and
Business Formation

Let us help you start your business with the best structure so that you grow from a place of strength.

Contracts and

Contracts are the bedrock a company is built on. Make sure yours are legal and without loopholes.

Financing and

Move your company forward and stay in the green with our expert legal team always giving you tips for growth.


Stay on top of inevitable personnel decisions such as hiring, contracts, termination, and unemployment checks.

Business Litigation

Whether you have a contract dispute with a client or an internal structure difficulty, we walk you through your settlement and litigation options.


Whether your business is certifying funds or dealing with the default of them, let our expert legal help show you the next step.

Hill Law


Serving All Legal Business Needs

We are capable of handling every legal need you have as a business. There is no need to pay the big rates of big firms when we specialize in meeting all of your needs.

We are experienced in all matters of business law including:

  • Negotiations of settlements, other types of negotiation including employment and real estate
  • Litigation of lawsuits
  • Intellectual property copyright or trademark filing
  • Drafting contracts for license agreements, business structure formation, etc.
  • Personnel advice and contracts, employment law
  • Corporate Meetings involving complicated issues such as mergers and acquisitions

Bring our expertise into your business and watch your bottom line turn into growth opportunities for everyone involved. We keep our overhead low so that you pay less for your legal needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Customer Reviews

We’re Honored to Protect You

We started working with Brad a couple months ago for our new business and he is super professional and knowledgeable. He’s helped us with many of our client contracts and legal questions and we are excited to continue working with him in 2019.


It has been truly an absolute pleasure to work with Mr. Brad Hill and Elisa Haire. They are a well gifted team that will stick by you and always put your needs first every single step of the way from start to finish. Mr. Hill’s gifts stretch well beyond business and employment law.

He was able to get me the best possible outcome! I would use him and Elisa not even flinching in a New York second, if I ever need their services again. First and foremost, I am proud to call them both my friends. They go above and beyond to help you and always provide top tier services in a quick professional manner.


Brad and his firm assisted my family in one of the hardest business situations we had ever dealt with. He handled us with care and made sure he secured the best possible solution for us given the situation. I will be forever grateful and would recommend him to anyone. You won’t regret working with Hill Law.


Brad and Lindsey helped me to resolve an issue related to construction work on my home – which doubles as my office. The work was overdue by three months, and what had been “completed” was done incorrectly. Brad advised me the steps to take, and the result was a full refund and an apology. Brad’s legal advice was spot-on, and it helped me to avert a lengthy and costly court battle. Thank you, Hill Law, for your professionalism and your legal acumen. I will return to Hill Law for any future legal needs.


Brad was very helpful and responded quickly. He understands employment law and knows what is worth putting time and effort into. I would not hesitate to work with his firm in the future.


Attorney Hill proved to be a priceless resource to me on a very complicated employment matter. I am an attorney myself, yet I thought it prudent to contract a lawyer with Mr. Hill’s credentials to handle my case involving issues at an educational institution. Brad Hill is very learned in educational matters, he’s very conscientious and responsive when it comes to client needs and concerns, and he is very realistic and focused on positive outcomes. The work he did on my behalf was well worth his fee and then some. Based on my personal and professional experience, I give Mr. Hill the highest recommendation for those in need of legal services…. Update: reached out to Attorney Hill again. He remembered me and my case, and provided on point legal guidance again.


I feel lucky. No one really thinks “I can’t wait to need a lawyer” but there may come a time when you do and then comes the question “How do I choose?” I feel lucky in that I chose Brad Hill Esq to represent me (employer discrimination/wrongful termination case.) No only that my case was resolved positively but that Mr. Hill made a stressful situation feel positive. I found the right person to speak on my behalf. Mr. Hill was at all times polite, respectful, understanding, compassionate, articulate, thorough but concise, prompt, timely and even a touch humorous. Having to need a lawyer is stressful and not something that people want but even in finding Mr. Hill before things were resolved I felt relieved. I would hope to not need his services again but happily recommend him to anyone who may.


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