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About Our Firm

Serving Growing Companies In North Carolina

At Hill Law, our mission is to serve growing companies by delivering the best legal experience.  We know the laws, regulations, and strategies that grow and sustain a business.

  • Writing or Revising a Business Plan
  • Considering Marketing Strategies
  • Making Difficult Financial Decisions
  • Determining Type of Company and Tax Status
  • Building Capital, Negotiations, Investments
  • Legal Documentation and Application Processes
  • Contracts and Negotiations
  • Employment Law

Our experience legally creating the structure of a business from start to a successful operational status allows us to offer you a clear process for success. Over the years, we have developed the extensive knowledge base and experience that you need on your side to make the best decisions for your small business.   

We want to provide for all of your legal needs throughout the life of your business. 

Our Process

We have a process that works well for building a new company, growing an existing business, or facing difficult issues as a mature company.

First, we meet with you to discuss your goals and vision for the company. Then we work together on a business plan that makes sense to you and talk about the ways we can achieve your goals.

Building capital is where we shine. As a business who wants to grow, you can look to us to help you find the ways to raise the capital you need.

From market research to business plans, tax write-offs to capital expenditures, we walk you through each step until your business is headed for success.

Looking at the tax laws and your own personal liability helps you consider your options fully before deciding what type of company formation to choose. Sometimes it is even necessary to change your designation as a mature company. Whether you settle on a C-Corp or an LLC, we consider all the angles so that you don’t have to.

Hill Law

Professional Services

Let us make all of the correct applications to government entities for your business. We help you register and get the legal documentation completed correctly the first time.


Top Legal Experts

If you are wondering how your company should best handle tax issues, liability insurance, contracts, investments, employment law, or negotiations, even if you are facing litigation, we have solutions. Ask us about your business issues to find the answers you need.


Competitive Pricing

We understand that your business can only go as far as your resources allow. That’s why we offer competitive pricing. We do whatever we can to make you grow as a business.

Meet Our Firm


Brad Hill


Hill Law was founded by Brad Hill, both a lawyer and entrepreneur. He helps found and build companies from startup to exit. He leads clients through important transactions such as buying or selling their business, securing investment for their startup, and building the foundations of a business empire.

Viviana Reyna

Bilingual Legal Assistant 

Viviana has experience working in various administrative and customer service roles.
Her past experience allows her to assist the Hill Law attorneys with serving our Spanish-speaking clients.


Startups and
Business Formation

In the formation of a business, you need legal help that is cost effective yet brings value to the table by providing the counsel you need. At Hill Law, we bring extensive experience and knowledge of the concepts you need to get up and running.

Contracts and

Making a contract is an act of trust that someone will abide by an agreement you have made together. When that trust is broken, you need someone who understands contract law and negotiation techniques on your side.

Financing and

We enjoy working with you to raise capital and find resources to grow as a small business. Whether you are ready to pitch investors, attract buyers, or franchise your concepts, we are here to help. No matter what stage of the business process you find yourself in, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to take you to the next level.


Business owners and employees alike deserve respect and decency. The contract between employers and employees must be solid and clear about the terms of employment including days off, sick leave, vacation days, wages, duties, work hours, benefits, holidays, etc. or the relationship can become strained.

Business Litigation

No business wants to fight a court battle, but sometimes disputes arise that you cannot back down from. With our experience in business litigation at Hill Law, you can rest assured that your case is in expert hands.


At Hill Law, we assist sureties in bond forfeitures, remissions, and collections. We also advise our surety clients during the underwriting stage of the drafting of a bond.