Client Highlight – J. Strong Bookkeeping, LLC

CLIENT HIGHLIGHT! Today, we are excited to highlight our client J. Strong Bookkeeping, LLC. Read on to learn more about who this business is, what they have to offer, and why they chose our law firm.

WHO ARE YOU? “J. Strong Bookkeeping, LLC was born from a passion for helping others and a love for numbers. Nerd alert! Bookkeeping makes sense to me and I’ve learned that many business owners don’t want to fuss over numbers. Their passion lies in their business and serving their customers. Enter me. I’ll take that burdensome task off their plate and provide them with more time, more confidence, and ultimately more freedom.”

WHAT DO YOU OFFER? “Currently I am offering basic bookkeeping services including QuickBooks Online setup, 2021 catch-up, monthly reconciliations, monthly financial statements, and quarterly reports (which can be used to file taxes). I’m also finding that I truly enjoy helping new and growing small businesses get on their feet and establish a strong financial foundation. I’ve created a program called Grow Together Bookkeeping Services that enables these new entrepreneurs to partner with me and put the success of their business first.”

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? “I am based in Cary, but the beauty of the virtual workplace is that I can provide assistance to clients anywhere in the country.”

WHY DID YOU USE HILL LAW? “I reached out to Hill Law, PLLC to help me set up the legal entity for my new business. I looked into online sites that offer the legal assistance for similar work, however I wanted someone local whom I could trust. The law is not where I excel, remember I’m a numbers gal. So I wanted to go to a law professional where I’d have peace of mind that my business would be starting out on the right track. Lindsey certainly delivered. She was and still is an incredible help!”

If you want to learn more about J. Strong Bookkeeping, LLC, you can visit their website at https://www.jstrongbookkeeping.com/.