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Business Litigation

Business Litigation

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No business wants to fight a court battle, but sometimes disputes arise that you cannot back down from. With our experience in business litigation at Hill Law, you can rest assured that your case is in expert hands.

As we discuss your issue with you, we review and assess the merits of your case and intensively research any applicable laws. If we take your case, we are on top of witness statements and discovering anything we can that might help your case as we also keep communication lines open with you.

We look at the case from both sides so that we can clearly see the merits and possible pitfalls in your case. Whether we are filing motions or counterclaims, or battling for you in the courtroom, our professionalism shows in our attention to detail, our efficiency, and our level of communication with our clients.  You can trust us to work smart for you and see you through whatever you may face until we find a resolution you can live with.

Experience On Your Side

Whether you are facing a corporate drama with multiple players or a small dispute between yourself and a disgruntled employee, we have the knowledge to support you in these areas and more:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Business Torts
  • Shareholder & Partner Disputes
  • Investment Losses & Securities Fraud
  • Investor or Start-up Disputes

If you are in a battle facing business litigation, you need experience on your side along with an extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations that can be focused in your favor. Count on us to dig in and find the answers you need to stay on top in disagreements. Contact us today so that we can come alongside you and you can rest in knowing that we are handling this dispute for you.

Experience On Your Side

Other Services

Startups and
Business Formation

Let us help you start your business with the best structure so that you grow from a place of strength.

Contracts and

Contracts are the bedrock a company is built on. Make sure yours are legal and without loopholes.

Financing and

Move your company forward and stay in the green with our expert legal team always giving you tips for growth.


Stay on top of inevitable personnel decisions such as hiring, contracts, termination, and unemployment checks.

Business Litigation

Whether you have a contract dispute with a client or an internal structure difficulty, we walk you through your settlement and litigation options.


Whether your business is certifying funds or dealing with the default of them, let our expert legal help show you the next step.

Negotiation Process

Negotiation Process

Settlement as an Answer

We take the time and put in the work to resolve your issues to the extent the law allows. Many times, we can successfully negotiate a settlement before you ever need step foot in a courtroom. We generally recommend that an out-of-court settlement can often be agreeable to both parties involved and is usually cost-effective compared to a trial. 

However, if a courtroom is necessary to find justice, we will bring the evidence needed to resolve your issues with a judge. If you have a case, you can be sure that we have an argument that will successfully show the merits of your position to the court.

Contact us today to start a process to end the dispute you are facing. We work with you to find the answers you need.