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Contracts and Negotiation

Contracts and Negotiation

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Making a contract is an act of trust that someone will abide by an agreement you have made together. When that trust is broken, you need someone who understands contract law and negotiation techniques on your side.

A legal contract between two or more parties is enforceable by law whether it is between two neighbors or a company and a client. Often, negotiations can help to settle an issue before it must be taken to court for resolution. This is why negotiations are crucial to the process. 

Often, settling a matter of contract out of court is the best solution for both sides as you spend less money and achieve an outcome that is equitable to both parties. Whether you need help negotiating your rights in a contract dispute or you are in need of an attorney to present your case in court, we are knowledgeable and experienced with the applicable laws and regulations surrounding contract law and with the litigation process.

More than just
a Lawyer

If your rights have been trampled on by someone who violated your contract, you can sue for damages. With a legal contract, this process often results in payments called “damages”. If you are owed damages for a breach of contract, we use many types of defenses to get the desired result, including:


  • Lack of capacity to understand the contract
  • Duress: you agreed to the contract because of threats
  • Undue Influence: you agreed to the contract because of your relationship with the other party
  • Misrepresentation: someone deliberately misrepresented the facts to you
  • Unconscionable: the court won’t uphold some types of contracts
  • Public policy: the contract goes against regulations
  • Illegal: the contract is illegal due to law
  • Other types of specific mistakes

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Negotiation is an Art

Knowledge and Experience on Your Side

Whether you are ready to sue for damages or just starting to consider that you might have a case, a negotiation process with the other party is always a smart move. Negotiation is just a way of bringing your issues to the table and laying them out in a professional way while asking questions and developing ideas about why the other party has not yet agreed to your terms. 

We are experienced in the art of negotiation and understand the applicability of laws related to contracts. We work with the other party in a dispute resolution capacity to hammer out an agreeable solution to the issue at hand.

When we negotiate on your behalf, we work for a compromise that you can live with. The costs of continuing a legal battle are sometimes not worth it when there is a way to settle the claim outside of court and still receive legal recourse for a breach of contract.

We are always in communication with you and working with you to find a compromise that benefits you the most and gives you the best outcome in your situation.