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Employment Law

Employment Law

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Business owners and employees alike deserve respect and decency. The contract between employers and employees must be solid and clear about the terms of employment including days off, sick leave, vacation days, wages, duties, work hours, benefits, holidays, etc. or the relationship can become strained.

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes the relationship does not work out. In this case, you need an attorney who understands employment law on your side.

Whether you are the employed or the employer, we want to make sure that your rights are represented. We are here to prevent others from taking advantage of your position. We understand employment law and how the issues tend to play out in the courtroom. We represent your interests whether it means settling in a negotiation or battling in the courtroom before a judge.

No two employment matters are the same and there is no substitute for specific advice. Don’t wait to get the answers you need.

Small Business

As an employer who has lost an employee for whatever reason, your business can face the loss of income due to:

  • A lack of business employees
  • The expense of training someone new
  • Unemployment benefits payouts

As a small business, you may also be required by law to pay out unemployment benefits. This can involve quite a bit of paperwork and study to understand the applicable laws.

If you are a small business owner managing a workforce, you cannot afford to make costly employment decisions. Whether you struggle in the hiring process, writing contracts, or in the retaining of employees, we have answers to help you.

Other Services

Startups and
Business Formation

Let us help you start your business with the best structure so that you grow from a place of strength.

Contracts and

Contracts are the bedrock a company is built on. Make sure yours are legal and without loopholes.

Financing and

Move your company forward and stay in the green with our expert legal team always giving you tips for growth.


Stay on top of inevitable personnel decisions such as hiring, contracts, termination, and unemployment checks.

Business Litigation

Whether you have a contract dispute with a client or an internal structure difficulty, we walk you through your settlement and litigation options.


Whether your business is certifying funds or dealing with the default of them, let our expert legal help show you the next step.

Employee Rights

Know The Law

When a business relationship goes south, an employee can face lost wages and a lower standard of living or even having to draw unemployment. Add to that a lack of references or badmouthing by a previous employer and your career can be derailed.

When you are an employee facing harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, you need to know your rights. We are here to represent your place in the workforce.

We want to ensure that you understand and can apply the employment laws that pertain to whatever issue you face. Don’t face this kind of battle alone. We are standing ready to help. Contact us today to get started together.