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Financing and Investment

Financing and Investment

Serving Clients Nationwide

We enjoy working with you to raise capital and find resources to grow as a small business. Whether you are ready to pitch investors, attract buyers, or franchise your concepts, we are here to help. No matter what stage of the business process you find yourself in, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to take you to the next level.

At Hill Law, our highly experienced legal team guides you through the latest fundraising options available while considering your needs and capabilities as a small business. We look at the legal aspects of any loans or investor relationships you have as we also study other strategic ways to leverage the financial capital you already possess to grow even more.

If you’re looking for an attorney with a passion for small business and the experience needed to take your business through a growth journey, contact us for a free consultation about your needs.

Finance Opportunities

We work with you until we find the best source of funding for your business. There are many options to finance a small business including:

  • Self-funding: This is when you find the money you need yourself through your past work or from friends and family, a retirement account or savings. In this case, it is important to consult with us about your debt to income ratio and business plan as you grow.
  • Venture capital from investors: If you are looking for funds from an investment firm, this is where we have experience. Marketing your small business as a desirable package for an equity investor to see your future potential is our focus.
  • Crowdfunding: This is for some businesses whose offerings are suitable for large groups of people to invest in without expecting a return on their investment.
  • Private small business loan: These loans can be helpful for a new business, but it is important to let us help you find the best interest rates and fee schedules.
  • SBA-guaranteed loans: These loans are backed by the SBA. Certain qualifications and expectations are necessary
  • Small Business Administration investment programs: We can help you apply and receive monies from the SBA depending on your business goals and products.

We know how important it is to get a good start when you take your first steps as a business. We are here for you as you continue walking into growth and begin to profit.

Other Services

Startups and
Business Formation

Let us help you start your business with the best structure so that you grow from a place of strength.

Contracts and

Contracts are the bedrock a company is built on. Make sure yours are legal and without loopholes.

Financing and

Move your company forward and stay in the green with our expert legal team always giving you tips for growth.


Stay on top of inevitable personnel decisions such as hiring, contracts, termination, and unemployment checks.

Business Litigation

Whether you have a contract dispute with a client or an internal structure difficulty, we walk you through your settlement and litigation options.


Whether your business is certifying funds or dealing with the default of them, let our expert legal help show you the next step.

Grow Your Established Business

We Have the Strategies You Need

Owning a profitable business does not make you immune to needing investment advice. At Hill Law, our legal and regulatory knowledge keeps you on top of your asset management as a business. We know that you must keep abreast of your financial portfolio decisions so that you don’t have to worry about the risk of your ventures. 

We specialize in helping small businesses grow and successful businesses stay that way by making careful decisions based on current market conditions and laws. If you need an attorney with solutions for growth and an eye for financial details, we stand ready to assist as part of your team.