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Startups and
Business Formation

Serving Clients Nationwide

In the formation of a business, you need legal help that is cost effective yet brings value to the table by providing the counsel you need. At Hill Law, we bring extensive experience and knowledge of the concepts you need to get up and running.

We guide you through the legality of your business concept and help you determine what type of legal entity will work best for your business. If you are considering bringing others on board, we look at the different ways you can do this, from co-founding a business, to partners in an LLC, to a full blown C-Corp with a board of directors.

Starting a business generally involves gathering seed funding to get started. We excel in helping you raise capital as you formalize agreements and work with us to move your business from an emerging concept to a fully funded and functioning business you can be proud of.

As we work with you to comply with legislation and regulations, you can know that your business is on solid ground, protected from illegal acts by employees, competitors, and customers. Work with us to make sure your business starts well and grows strong.

Your Legal Team

As we work with you to create a new entity, we want to be a part of your team. As your touchpoint for all topics involving law and business formation, we are a resource you can count on.

Consider us an extension of your vision as you build your business. As you grow, we continue to grow in relationship with you. As your legal needs evolve, we move with you into the current legal issues you face.

As you face licensing and employment decisions, taxes, insurance, and intellectual property issues, we use our experience to guide you through as we stay on top of the latest laws and regulations in your industry. Our goal is that we always offer the best counsel in whatever situation your business may face.

Other Services

Startups and
Business Formation

Let us help you start your business with the best structure so that you grow from a place of strength.

Contracts and

Contracts are the bedrock a company is built on. Make sure yours are legal and without loopholes.

Financing and

Move your company forward and stay in the green with our expert legal team always giving you tips for growth.


Stay on top of inevitable personnel decisions such as hiring, contracts, termination, and unemployment checks.

Business Litigation

Whether you have a contract dispute with a client or an internal structure difficulty, we walk you through your settlement and litigation options.


Whether your business is certifying funds or dealing with the default of them, let our expert legal help show you the next step.

Build A Solid Foundation

Let Us Be Your Legal Bedrock

Starting a business can be intimidating, but with our help you can build a solid foundation. We offer the legal advice you need on the strategic matters that affect your business and industry. 

  • Employees: If you are hiring employees, we help ensure your business’ compliance with labor laws and work with you to create employee policies and handbooks.
  • Structure: We work with you to develop and implement your business plan into a solid business structure with the licensing and tax designations best for your company.
  • Contracts:  We safeguard your interests as you develop the agreements that are the foundation of every relationship your business has, from corporate directors to a contract employee.
  • Our client portal provides an up-to-the-minute status on legal projects and access to real-time communication and resources.

Contact us today to get your business started with a solid legal foundation.